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Music for Meditation,
Inner Calm and Strength

3D Soundcloud is a continuously growing collection of FREE Stereo and Surround Sound Music files.

Stereo MP3s can be listened to everywhere, be it on a MP3 player or an iPhone/smartphone, while the Surround Sound versions invite you to listen to the meditative sounds in the center of your Home Cinema or Surround Sound Music setup, focusing your attention inside.

  • Why meditate?

    I used to think Meditation is to be taken very seriously and believed, that in order to learn it I would need to take many lessons. That is certainly the right way to do it, if you have the time for it. But this mindset actually kept me from even starting.

    One day a good friend of mine told me, while talking about his time with his spiritual teacher, that meditation doesn't necessarily mean sitting in a lotus position all day, waiting for enlightenment. Meditation can also mean sitting on a park bench, on the fringe of the forest or any other quiet place and just being with yourself. I really liked and embraced this idea.

    In times of a lot of work and stress, it's the little things that keep you going. Quality time with your family or a succesfully finished project are part of those, no doubt, but equally as important are relaxing, regaining strength, easing your soul, just being, without any goal or condition. Unfortunately those kind of moments are rare for most of us. The growing number of people diagnosed with Burnout-Syndrome are proof of that trend.

    Meditation doesn't need much time or space, but you have to consciously decide to do it. The benefits of a regular time-out for yourself are noticeable immediately, like a more positive state of mind, better health and more energy for your daily routine.

  • Junge Frau am Meditieren mit Musik
Geschäftsleute am Meditieren

Everybody can meditate

I would even go as far as everybody should meditate!

In the modern and connected world we live in, we are constantly exposed to outer influences. The media are omnipresent on smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions, even on buses and train stations we are seing commercials. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Internet fora, a constant stream of images, thoughts and emotions of other people is flowing through our brain.

To still be able to hear your own inner voice, your very personal intuition and creativity is an ever growing challenge. What do I want? How do I feel? Who am I?

  • What is 3D Soundcloud?

    Music can help with contemplation, but often it is distracting and full of emotions. There are many offerings of music and sounds for meditation, sometimes even promising you enlightenment, astral projections or an increase in intelligence.

    But in the end music is a matter of taste, and that's why
    3D SOUNDCLOUD would like to offer a high quality alternative.

    It's not always easy to wind down from a busy day at work and focus on the inside, so sometimes it can be helpful to let something rhythmical guide you there. Other days you're more balanced and feel like something calm, or maybe you're a little bit tired and wish for something that helps you concentrate. You can find all this and more on 3D Soundcloud, Music for Meditation, inner Calm and Strength.

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Meditating makes you feel good!


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